DCP Terms for each Advertiser

Name Product / Service Transaction Amount Range DCP Rate
SMSwords SMS Campaign Credit $10 - $1,000,000+ 10% Recurring
  1. PAM (Partner Affiliate Marketer) will continuously earn 10% commission from the Advertiser’s (SMSwords User) each transaction.
  2. SMSwords User (Advertiser) should use at least 50% of the purchased SMS Campaign Credit to unlock the 10% commission to be paid to the Partner Affiliate Marketer.
  3. PAM can invite unlimited Advertisers. PAM can share its unique DCP Link or DCP Ref Code with or without SMSwords content anywhere.

"DCP" vs "Some of Claimed Top 20 Highest Commission Best Affiliate Programs"

Affiliate Program Pricing Range Commission Cookie Life
DCP $10 to $1,000,000+ 10% Recurring Lifetime
Sendinblue €100 N/A 90 Days
HubSpot $50 to $3,000+ 15% Recurring 90 Days
AWeber $20 to $150 30% Recurring 1 Year
GetResponse $15 to $1200 33% Recurring 120 Days
ConvertKit $29 to $2,000+ 30% Recurring 30 Days
Systeme.io $27 to $828 40% Recurring 180 Days
Shopify $10 to $2,400 200% 30 Days

The Market Value

Digital Advertising covers search engine ads (Google), social media ads (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and all other internet ads including mobile advertising. The market value of Digital Advertising was almost $400 Billion in 2021 and will exceed $0.5 Trillion in 2023. Mobile Advertising is the most successful and effective advertising type compared to paid search advertising, social media advertising. video advertising and others. That is why:

In 2019, mobile advertising represented 60% of all digital ad spending worldwide and mobile advertising spending worldwide amounted to $189 Billion, and it is expected to surpass 240 billion dollars by 2022. Google and Facebook total share is more than 50% of the whole market. The competition has been mainly between Google and Facebook until SMSwords...


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